About ECAN Ministries


Our Church is a full gospel and Pentecostal fellowship based on the principles of God's word. We preach and believe in CHRIST JESUS. The Church is formed of people whose lives have been transformed through faith in Jesus Christ and the demonstration of the power of the Holy Ghost with total submission to His rules.


We together by His grace, seek to live according to the principles of God's kingdom.

We believe with conviction that a Church is not the building or series of services on Holydays, but in people's demonstration of Christ-like nature.


ECAN Ministries believes in charity, love, care and in sharing each other's pain and burden. We see everyone as a unique creator of God.


The Church is a multinational and multicultural organisation as represented by the mixed people from different countries around the world.


Our mode of worship is vocal and demonstrative of the power of the Holy Spirit. While worshipping with us, you will notice unconditional display of love and hospitality toward one another. Our fellowship together is warm and involves prominent use of music as means of worshipping and praising the Lord.


There is strong emphasis on the word of God, love for the less privileged, widows, drug addicts, physically challenged, prison visitations and reaching out to the four corners of the earth through the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Since we believe that prayer is the master key to an effective Christian life, we give ourselves to prayers which have produced in us an experience of power.


We have and are opened to partnerships with all denominations and organizations who share in our belief in winning souls for Christ.