Frequently Asked Questions

Prayer Conference

  1. How can I join the weekly prayer confrence?

    To join the prayer conference, contact the head pastor, Pastor Steve through the number on the contact page.

  2. Do I need to pay to join the prayer conference?

    No, membership of the prayer conference is free.

  3. Can people from outside Germany join the prayer conference?

    Yes, current members are from many different countries around the world.

  4. Can I be called for the prayer conference?

    Yes, but due to financial contraints we recomment members to call in. We will gladly call those who sincerely do not have the means to call in

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Ecan Stuttgart

  1. What does ECAN stands for?

    Evangelical Church of All Nations. ECAN is a church that is open to everyone irrespective of race, gender and background.

  2. Where is ECAN Church located?

    The church is located in Stuttgart, Germany.

  3. How can I support ECAN Church?

    You can support us through prayers, donations and joining in winning souls for Christ.

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