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Testimonies increases faith in God's ability. Through the testimonies of others, we encourage you that God is able to come into your own situations too.

Quotes My Name is Tamra Klein. I am a German,and I live in Stuttgart. I came to the church and I met pastor steve who prophesized to me that I was having an internal sickness which was very true. I was diagonised by doctors that I have a tumor inside my stomach and I was booked for operation but Pastor steve walked upto me and lay his hand on me I fell and after that I felt very light but strong .On the appointed day of my operation the doctors discover to their amazement that the tumor has disapeared .Praise thy Lord Quotes
Tamara Klein
God is still healing

Quotes The spirit of death roamed around me like a raging fire in 2009 and the GOOD LORD revealed it to my Pastor,pastor Steve and after fervent prayers and fasting the Lord delivered me,so my question is "if I was not under this umbrella,where could I have been today" so who is your spiritual father,I can never be taken by suprise because I have an umbrella,He will always reveal to His servant the plan of the enemy. THE Lord reveals to redeem,try and have an umbrell,Im proud of my pastor for what the Lord has bestored upon him, may the annointing continue to flow like a river in Jesus name,Amen,God bless you Quotes
Jacqueline Geh Memoh

Quotes I met Pastor Steve during his visit to Holland. I was introduced to him. During his prophetic prayers, he told me many things about myself and my relations that shocked me. His prayer has brought many breakthroughs in my life ever since. I was broken hearted, but since then I have become strenthened. I am looking forward to meeting him again with my daugther. I will like to use this opportunity to thank him and the Lord for all that has happened to me ever since. Quotes
Testimony of breakthrough

Quotes Home Nigeria Life in the Occult World Life in the Occult World Written by Chris Ajaero Monday, 06 April 2009 Chukwudi Nathan Okakpu, an occult grandmaster, tells the story of his life in an occult world from where he operated for 32 years For 32 years, Chukwudi Nathan Okakpu, an occult grandmaster from Ogbeakpu Osile, Ogbunike in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State, wielded immense mystical powers. From his mystic base and shrine called Arobinagu Igwedo located in Ogbeakpu Osile, Okakpu used astral projections to influence human affairs both negatively and positively. But that is now history. He told Newswatch that as a great occultist, he had a lot of adherents and used his mystic base to endorse the Antichrist. But a few years ago, he was in a trance where the Holy Spirit appeared to him and asked him why he chose to use mystical powers to serve as a satanic agent. Besides, as an occultist, Okakpu was constantly into astrological dry fasting Quotes
Pastor steve
JESUS the only Way